Short Stories

French Quarter Snapshot 1991
“French Quarter Snapshot 1991”
Arkansas Review

Josef sells gold and silver bracelets and precious stone in the French Market. He usually gets himself the same spot every day, not far from the fruit stand. Josef has a special good luck blanket he spreads his gems and trinkets out on, and then his julapa he folds three times to sit on cross legged in the spot where the sun comes through every afternoon. Josef travels light. He sits and watches the tourists and moves with the sun.
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The Funny Way She Winds Up
“The Funny Way She Winds Up”
The North American Review

She’s taken to wearing black. At first, a pair of old corduroy jeans she’d thrown into the rag bag because the pockets were ripped, and a black wool sweater, new just last year. The sweater is pilled up from washing it on the machine. She never follows the manufacturer’s instructions. She reads labels carefully when she buys something new—colorfast, dry clean only, indigo dyes used, wash separately—but eventually everything gets tossed into the permapress. Continue Reading…