See the poem Paula wrote with Blueberry Festival kids

This is a collaborative writing by Paula and children, “Making Our Words Sing.”

We Loved Writing Our Blueberry Poem With You!

Blueberries Like the Night Sky

Miss Lizzie, you had a dream.
Thanks to you, we have blueberries
blue as the night sky, blue as the
deepest sea. We have blueberries
sweet as lollipops and cotton candy,
plump berries sweet as honey and mango.
On your farm we heard birds tweeting,
and wind in the treetops. We saw
moss, cinnamon ferns, and
crunchy pine cones.
We saw leaping toads
and mosquitoes big as airplanes.
Thanks to you, we have blueberry pie,
blueberry slushies, pancakes, ice cream,
blueberry yogurt and best of all,
blueberries we can eat right out of our hands!

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